Fall Of Dusk

The sun sinks slowly behind the horizon
From far is heard the evening siren
Bats fly lumbering along the sky
Like black dots, they appear on high

The clouds over the firmament move swift
As the wind causes them to drift
The last glint of light still dances on the towers
A dainty fragrance spreads from opening flowers

The earth is clothed in the evening haze
And no more is seen the sun’s blaze
The sky grows pale, the flaming colors drained
And the distant scenes, almost blurred

In the fading twilight, shadows lengthen
And through the alleys silence strengthens
An invisible choir sings in the fading light
They seem to welcome the arrival of the night

The low slanting rays are no more amber or gold
Over the earth, a gray tint briskly does unfold
An inky shade darkens Day’s lovely face
Yet there lingers in her a charming grace

I don’t know if my thoughts now have any colour
Cannot say if they are of amber, gold, grey or a multicolour

by Valsa George

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Thanks a lot Bri! Though in a humorous vein you have commented that long back my poems had color, I infer that you mean indirectly that now they don't have so much color as before! I too feel so! I love my older poems better than what I write now.....! Waning of faculties with aging! ! However I am glad this poem is going into your favourtie list
(continued) ...were you such a good poet 'so long ago'? ? ? ! i mean isn't 3 years long ago? ok, it isn't. as for your thoughts having any colour/color: THEY DID when you wrote the poem; of that i am sure! ! ! my mate and i enjoyed viewing and hearing (wing beats perhaps) maybe MILLIONS of bats leaving a hillside cave in Thailand for their nightly excursions. IT WAS (almost) amazing! but i don't 'amaze' easily. to MyPoemList. bri :)
some favorite lines [if you edit a bit; ha ha]: The sky grows pale, the flaming colors drained And the distant scenes, almost blurred.................i don't mind no rhyme here; i actually like to see such once in a while! ...no more amber or gold...........i'd thinking nor gold but it could be 'either/or'. :) don't frown; i'm your clown! (to continue) ...
This poem is a lens that captures the hues of an enchanting evening. Excellent work.10...
Excellent depiction on dusk that brought to life so vividly with colourful sights. I enjoyed this palatable poem too much. Many thanks for sharing.....10
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