They Dont Care About You.

Cast your votes-cam-pain.your you tubed mean tally ity.You push button nuclear, chemical, kill compassion, cry.pollution-person-me. Do I dare to listen to there words, wicked, believe me broken, that im a abnormality, a mistake made, nite-mares ride on.The voices of a collection, coffins and confide ments, a comparrison of course clearly cleverly created to cause a concern of caustic cast groups.Reformation of a man, Me. My voice, the same as your voice but mine, knows beauty, building made better with families, bold and brave.Alt-choice, concern, com-passion, passions prevented, plots played people an other way. Where is it at self I say, I say, I say, no involvement no pay, pretty simple, its a time to pray.the cents of belonging, pushed back, out of the way, the E-motions castrate, the cold leaving, a cast-away.The island of Path-most where poor profits pre-date pandoras pendulium of personal projection, Royal blood Reality. Me.

by Ryan Tyger

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So interesting to read the poem.
I enjoyed it....Nicely written.