Fall Tumble Yester Wayward

Air taste change many
Purple breezes may blow
Smell sweetened chamber very
Plump hale gusts of winds unsound
Scent detritus flannel rainbow
Hazy horror plain disguise
Lose another wander happy
Someone roasts invites for supper
Watch parade next day another
Feather duster brother boyhood
Red, green and blue umbrellas
Acrylic smells and paint with toes
Begging dressed leaf fall for never
Sleeves unrolled and socks sewn thick
Pollen terror sun September
Make a stew to catch a cold
Painted weather wait together
Share the tea and glue the wings
Shoot the stork award the vulture
Ate the scales from off the seats
Cheaply sold on feild the hotdogs
Pepsi in paper by the stands
No picking lillies gripping fingers
Hold my own hand in the sun
Parade this morning hardly frozen
Celebrating in the sleet
Clowns as roasted as their turkey
In the heart and overhead
Point an arrow at December
Cross my heart and hope to bear
Sneak my soul into the movies
Sing Ault Lang syne in vain

by Luke J. Holt

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Purple breezes may blow very amazingly with mind and glow. Interesting writing shared on. Amazing...10