Fall Views (Poem)

Poem By Dave Tanguay

Students have returned to schools
To face the challenge of new rules
Leaves turn slowly from green to brown
Finally falling to the ground
The acorn and chestnut loose their grip
To the ground they fall and some may split
The water slowly changes from green to blue
Everyone seems to have something to do
We’ve left behind the leisure time of summer
It’s hot long days and steamy nights
The place of life hastens toward the place we know
Of short cold days and nights of snow
We watch the daylight hours wane to few
The mercury slips and drops it’s level too
We look forward and wander then
Can we make through to spring again
Ah! did we stop and watch the leaf
The bird the beast prepare for winter
Or did we spend our time anticipating
Instead of basking in the time remaining

Comments about Fall Views (Poem)

Now this I like, and it really came across well, I LOVE IT Love duncan X
Hi Dave, I really love this poem, Excellently written.
Marvelous! When you close the eyes you see more things and the visual eye cannot see those hidden secrets?

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