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MY (3/11/94 / )


Again, it has came to this,
You have left yourself all alone.
Even your own voice was screaming warnings,
But you have turned your ears to stone.
Twisting and spiraling.
You're still heading down.
Following the prophecy of death,
He's led you to the 'lost and found'.

You hear your own voice saying,
'The bell tolls for thee...'
The murderers who would not die,
Will never again set you free.
You yell for them to leave you alone.
As you admit for the fool you are,
You Know you will enjoy no sleep.
Because death's door has been left ajar.

And none of this has prepared you for this moment.
Then again, none of this may actulay be true.
Maybe you're still on some remote high,
Waiting for this present nightmare to pass through.

Fallen, fallen.
You're very soul is in demise.
Fallen, fallen.
Have you forgotten how to rise?

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