Fallen Angel

Poem By Doug Fresh

How could such a Beautiful Angel fall in such a way?
Free falling into a deep abyss of her angelic mind,
And becoming constrained to her thoughts and
Shackled in all of her loneliness.
I just want to reach out my hand and pull her back up
Tell her to hold her head up as high as the mountains..
Because I am here for this Fallen Angel.
I will illuminate her path and get her out of
This darkness that consumes her.
Nothing is more sad than the sound of an
Angel Crying, crying alone in all her darkness
Such a terrible sound to hear the tears of
An angel falling to the earth from up above.
Spread your wings and fly beautiful angel,
Fly as free and high as you can,
For tomorrow holds new joy—
And new promise,
And you cannot fall forever!

Comments about Fallen Angel

This is one of the most beautiful poems I have read! There's been so many times I have felt like this fallen angel. Thanks for sharing such an amazing piece!
Beautiful piece of poetry well articulated and nicely penned in good diction with conviction. An insightful love poem elegantly brought forth from the heart. Thanks for sharing Doug.
Doug, Welcome to Poem Hunter. This appears to be the first poem that you have posted on this site. Looking forward to reading many more of yours in the future!

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