DM (21/04/88 / Dublin)

Fallen Angel

Our spirits they go on forever
Our memories they are to show
That we shared tears, and smiles and laughter
That keeps you with us, Rayo, and never lets go.

Your face we see before us
And in our heads we hear your voice
So why can't you be here like you used to be?
Well, you would be, if that were our choice.

How do we manage to stay strong?
When inside we just think of you
And how do we make this pain go away?
When it hurts so much and there's nothing more we can do.

Now there's something inside that's broken
Damage that only you could mend
Your passing away is causing this pain
Heartache that will never end.

All we know is we lost someone so special
Someone that we know meant so much
Someone who we thought was forever
Until we ran out of good luck.

Now here we are all joined together
And Rayo's an angel with big white wings
Standing before us and speaking softly
Reminding us of happier things.

Why were the last words we said,
The clearest memory we have right now?
And why is it we cherish the words we last whispered?
As if we knew what would happen, somehow.

So here we are now asking,
Why is it you're not here, you're gone?
But you'll survive inside us forever,
And our love for you, Dear Raymond, will always live on.

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