Fallen Angel

if we have all lived in past lives
mine must have been full of hate and regret
submission and dissapointment
anger and loss
but i have a heart that just won't quit
you can break it over and over again
and i will forgive you
no matter what
others see it as a blessing i see it as a curse
because in th end
I am the one who suffers

i feel like i am bound
here that no matter what i do
no matter where i go
i will always be brought back
to this exact spot
this exact time

and do the same thing
yet again
it like a darkened tunnel
that you can see the light
but you just can't get close enough to touch it
it is always out of sight
out of your reach
just a inch more a step closer
but yet it draws fruther

it funny though there a calmness
that passes as i write this out
my heart slows down
my pulse goes to normal
a smile returns to my face
this is where my peace is at

by heavens Angel

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