Fallen Angel, Lost In The Night

oh my fallen angel
lost in the night
beaten and broken
losing the fight

your tormented soul
your torn heart
each piece of you
being torn apart

oh my fallen angel
please hear my plea
I love you so
don't leave me be

your broken wings
fallen from grace
I wish you and I
could just escape

oh my fallen angel
I love you so
don't you ever EVER
let me go

your gentle hands
your confused fate
your pressured mind
it's becoming too late

oh my fallen angel
your time draws near
take me with you
for I hold you dear

your loving face
intertwined with mine
I want to be with you
for all time

oh my fallen angel
its your time to choose
all I want my king
is to be with you.

by shelbie bozeman

Comments (1)

I see a pattern within your poems. It is a good pattern that tells strong messages. I am glad you reapet Fallen Angel because it adda to the effect. It seems bold and powerful yet sweet and gentle. One must understand the true nature of poetry before they can fully appreciate your peoms.: D Nice Work, Brooke