AA (Nov.30th 1989 / )

Fallen' Broken Walls

I stand here before you all
As a person trying to be someone
I'm defftily not
I try to ask as a strong person
A person not scared
Nor sad
But one with a smile on
Along every which way
So I built my wall so high
For none to see
These walls cover my heart
So none but teh to see
Cause for he is the one
That has broken my fallen' walls
To almost nothing
That only the wall covers my toes
I try to rebuild
Start over a new
But every word you speak
Just makes me so sure
That I could even let you in
This heart of mine
So step over my fallen wall
Right into my arms
Just push it over
And don’t let me fall
I'll catch you when needed
So my wall is fallen
My heart has been all yours
So take me by the hand
And help me along
Cause your teh only one
That makes my walls fall flat

July 10 2006

by Asha Adeana

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