Fallen In Love

Poem By Joseph Narusiewicz

Calico soul hard like the wind
Frail shadows dance like leaves
Ravaged with ghosts
Vials of chartreuse dreams
Deep dark art flowers rain
We reach for symbols of dawn
Smooth silken taboo
Tired of eyes adorned in blood
We have fallen in love

Sage corridor where shamans sigh
Relish your fallen envy
Forged in meadows of swords
The hour of slaughter
Arms and limbs gone
They cover the chaos with flags
Laureates bemoan locust visions
We have met in the precipice
We have fallen in love

Adorned like Dostoevsky
Exiled in revelry
Everything is edited
Everything tainted and blind
Death awakes us like frozen fingers
The world seems strange
Foghorns blow
Innocence frail as seagulls
We have fallen in love

Anthems chorus the new order
The new man bridges the old
Golden snakes ripe with disease
Driven mad with righteous war
Monuments with hungry pigeons
Seers of the state religions
We are born into the absurd
Beyond the towers blue sky above
We have fallen in love

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