Fallen Star

How I'd love to go back to that time
When the world and all of its innocence was mine
To revisit who we were
What I could do to get it back
To open the past and its door
What I wouldn't do just to get a taste of that
Of that which I yearned for
To bite into the forbidden fruit that shall take me into the black
The deepest darkest part of the moon's corridor
Locked into my soul you called from the hurricane
And I knew once more...
That I'd return to you as your lips echoed my name
You took parts of me that began to crumble
As the pieces broke apart I soon began to stumble
Something new but dark and mysterious was created
Whatever that once existed had faded
It was something that built itself from what was destroyed
I became the object of your emotions though I was now an Android
Stripped of everything that I used to know
Trapped within the stars that never seemed to glow
I chased the wind between the galaxies
The cosmic world was the perfect canvas for my art galleries
This was the sunset inside of the moon I'd become
The earth, wind, stars and I had eventually became one

by Gianna Jett

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