Fallin' Out

Poem By Mark Anthony Mendoza

Walking alone trying to bring the better days
Looking at the sun while it fades away to the clouds
I could hear the bird sing yet couldnt find where they are
Its a long way back home and im all sweat up

I remember when I had the confidence
Where love is all I’m about and no fear besides
Those moment lost and it seems so hard to find
Which way to go? I don’t know what more to find

Now what would you do if you lost the reason?
How could your bring it back when you keep on falling out?
No, I don’t wanna hurt someone, this shouldn’t be
But if I keep going, the pain would remain inside

I want you to understand.. this isn’t what I’ve planned
If love is all you have then let me go and understand
Don’t ask me to stay with tears, for I could say No when you cry
I just have to go… this is the only way to get back to who am I

Damn.. left or right? white or black? I just cant choose
The feeling of guilt of staying while love is fallin out keep hunting me
Someitmes you cant always choose not to make them cry
You gotta be strong… and girl I have to do this now.

What would you do if you fall out without a warning?
I tried to fight it out and hang into the rope but still it kept on falling
So confused and so down I have to get out off this soon
Blame it all on me.. leave me here..
Goodbye.. coz I gotta find myself before its too late..

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