In the middle of my mind I sit all alone,
On a small boulder floating off in this space,
Thinking of everything which is going on,
As the pictures fly by where I sit,
Small movies which hold together all my memories;
Some being bad, others being overwhelmingly good,
Being put away somewhere inside this place,
Maybe behind all these closed doors,
As the steep cliff sides on either side are full of them,
For as far as my eye sight can manage to go,
Anxious every single moment here which I wait,
The silence here seems to be unbearable,
As just the plain thought of not hearing anything drives me insane,
As my own thoughts have left this place long ago,
And only the echo of silence floats among the openings,
So I decide to get out of this world of darkness,
Jump into the abyss which lays bellow,
Into a fall which will last a whole lifetime and more,
With every second believing I am closer to being free,
Not knowing there is no end to all of this,
And that maybe I hadn’t reached the beginning,
Just wondering about all which has happened,
Just falling as I was meant to be,
Into this abyss in such great darkness,
Forever falling.

by Javier Falcon

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