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I'm falling and there seems to be no ground
Accelerating through air thinking I might drown
Gasp for air cause I feel out of breath
Plunging to this eternal death
This never-ending feeling of unrest

Yet my mind seems to be functioning at a normal rate
My thoughts are clear even though I can't escape
This sensation of being out of control
Life flashing before me as if my fortune is being told

Click my heels three times to go home
But that is where the hatred roams
Where my innate love was born
Where those heart felt feelings were torn
Apart by the jealousy and lies
My mother kicking me out so she could survive

Too young to understand the inner workings of a man
Who could not accept you as his own?
And would deprive a mother of a son who is barely grown
So I took to the streets that welcomed me with open arms
Running from the law setting off burglar alarms

Now my final resting place is this cell
Where I write to escape this hell
To be conscious of my conscious is my calling
Maybe one day I will stop from falling

Copyright 2002 by Edward Butterfield. All rights reserved.

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