EB (21/10/87 / )


curtains closed
candles lit
heart thumping
biro poised.
midnight whispers
sweet nothings in my ear.
words, emotions, fears
tumble onto the paper
should they rhyme?
don't have time.
candle light guides the ink,
take a break,
watch the stars,
think of him,
tears flow fast.
head throbs
heart thumps,
eyes close,
mind drifts.
i stumble blindly
in the dark.
my hand outstretched,
but i start to fall.
will he catch me?
will he just watch?
through the looking glass
i fall and fall.
a different world,
a different time.
faded denim skies,
velvet snow,
wild roses,
happy smiles.
new faces,
new places.
a white rabbit
time running out.
reality beckons,
heart wrenching stillness,
i open my eyes.
midnight shadows on the wall,
candlelight soften the sharp edges
on the other side

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This is a great poem, lots of emotion in it. nice one, regards, Seán