I used to think you can trust anyone,
But some are not to be trusted
they'll push you off a cliff;
that's what happened to me
And now I'm falling
While I'm busy calling
for help from anyone willing to help,
I might as well die.
I am falling into a bottomless pit
full of darkness as if bereaved of light,
only a few seconds I shall be out of sight
and no one will remember my name
No one will me from my fall,
nothing else but the earth
and I shall come to my great end
and all the memories of me will fade.
As I am in free fall
I now finally know,
never to trust no one
but yourself,
But for how long will I fall,
how long will keep screaming for help
for how long will this treachery haunt me
When will it stop.
I can't take this no more
it's time I escape from this pit,
I'll no longer be six feet deep
Away from my home.
now I'm free
and I've learnt something
a small push can stop you from rising
and you'll keep falling and falling
till you finally drop

by Francis Bupe Chiluba

Comments (3)

such is the depth of the poem
Well expressed thoughts and feelings. Thanks for sharing Francis..
A good start with a nice poem, Francis Bupe. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.