HA (June / Maine)


The scent of freshness fills the air
black thunderclouds that match my mood precisely
stalk their way across the sky
overshadowing everything below them with their bleak presence

a hint of rain is in the air
and I open wide my window
to let in the precious scent

an awful darkness reigns for this short time
before the first dropp falls

I wait anxiously
remaining still and silent
as if to hear the first dropp fall
barely breathing as I scan the sky

I am waiting for the heavens to open up
to let the cleansing begin
waiting for the angels to weep
their perfect tears for my dark soul

for by their tears I am saved
their innocent grief for our world of sin
makes us new and whole again
it gives us a second chance
it washes away all painful traces
of foolhardy mistakes we’ve made before.

Great cymbals crash above me
and for a moment
my world consists of nothing else
the sound surrounds me taking me in
I become one with the rumbling beat of the drum
that is vibrating through the air
I feel it
hear it
know it

but then the foremost raindropp falls
and the sound is washed away
its last rumbling is drowned out
by the quickening of heavy raindrops

falling …

by Hannah Anderson

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Wonderful imagry Hannah! This is a showcase of great talent!