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Poem By JRose S

I knew it was wrong
Wrong to love you
I kept telling myself
What not to do

I thought I could be strong
But you were always on my mind
I put my heart up on a shelf
To be forgotten and hard to find

I thought you were gone from my life
Then out of nowhere
You called me
I wanted to tell you 'I love you I swear! '

You cut me like a knife
A few months before
But I wish you could see
How I need so much more

Deep down inside
I know the truth
You love her still
This I know as I sit in the rejected booth

There's no way to hide
Your feelings and mine
I wish there was a pill
To make out feelings the same this time

You'll never know
All the times I cried
Wishing you were here
Deep down inside

Just goes to show
That my love is real
But what I fear
Did you just make a deal?

I'm just falling
Falling in love
With a person I can't have
Falling off a cliff with a very hard shove

I want to keep calling
Calling your name
Hoping one day I can have
You feel the same

I know if I do
It's just a waste of time
So I'll bottle up my feelings
And stay as quiet as a mime

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