Falling And Barren

Unstable on this land where I thought I was safe
Coming in from my inner storm's raging fires
I didn't know how cold the embers had burned
Until my spirit froze from my unwanted desires.

Falling deeper into my own lost barren land
Thoughts were cold and I was abandoning me
I was shaking and my spirit was spun in threads of ice
I had fallen so far within and could not see.

Shivering from lack of conscience that had thieved
Cooling every part of desire that wanted love
Every thought of goodness and warmth was lost and gone
Falling within a deep cold that I couldn't climb out of.

Screaming from this white Hell I had fallen into
So alone and barren... so cold and frozen in my place
Each scream had me falling deeper and deeper inside
This is where I live within myself and can't escape.

What have I done to be so cold and fall so harsh?
This has skinned my knees that freezes my blood
Falling harder within my spirits own cold Hell
I cry tears within my walls... my frozen flood.

Until the sun shines and I can warm my spirit with love
Until someone can come and pick me up from my fall
I will be here cold and falling still within myself
Shouting from a frozen state without a voice that calls.

by Molly Densmore

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