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Falling Apart...

Falling part there on the floor
No need for anyone anymore
Not watching the time as it slowly ticks
I’m sick of being put in these little clicks
Laying there at the ceiling I stair
Thinking about how life just isn’t fair!
Braking down as the tears go streaming
I’m living the nightmare that everyone is dreaming
You just walk by with out as much as a thought
I guess I have lost the war I once fought
Open your eyes and open them wide
never mind its not like you would have tried
Falling apart with no one to understand
Please hear my screams and offer you helping hand
I’m barely there just body and soul
I’m sorry but it is now out of my control
My eyes squeeze shut as I have to let go of what I hold
I’m screaming then the tears fall so cold
Nothing n but memories everything else is shut out
Being ok with out you is something I highly doubt
I’m living in this pain in my heart
All is watching as I fall apart
Who has left me empty like this
Cant you see that there is someone that I desperately miss
Falling apart while i’m laying there still
I need her here and I wont pull together until
No one will talk to me nothing but a mutter
I try to talk to them but nothing is heard but a stutter
Cant you see why i’m falling apart
Cant you see i’m missing a huge part f my heart
I’m lying there staring into space
Crying cold tears down my face
I never knew falling apart would hurt so bad
I just remember the happiness I once had...

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