Lady Lark

As Eve was sired from Adams rib!
She was nigh close to his sweet heart
She knew all secrets of that heart!
She loved the hugging of his heart.

Adam was content with, simple life
He was thankful to Gods for grace,
He was made from the dust of earth,
Yet he was made, the king of earth.

Satan the crook did know too well,
All action plans are made in heart
To fight or serve others, for gain
And he should control a heart to win.

Satan disguised as a pretty snake,
Appealed to her, with humble knack
She felt it good and fell for his treat
He gave the magic fruit to her to eat.

The magic fruit opened her eyes
That lit her sexual crave awake!
She ran to Adam to show her self
He felt ecstasy and swallowed the fruit.

First time they felt craving for each!
In embrace blissful they were lost,
She lost pristine her virgin seal!
She blamed him for she felt defiled.

She took revenge for her great loss!
And was scared, for she lost some blood
She took revenge for her loss and pain!
She denied him sex, that blissful joy.

He allured her with gifts, for love!
She yielded for, she too craved joy,
Since then she wanted gift for sex
Then on it is a practice, even a trade.

Thus the Dowry practice has come to stay
In Middle East the practice still prevail
Though in some countries, it is reversed
But alas the system, exist in disguise.

Thus sex became an enterprise
A business in that you pay to use
Even in marriage this has become
A practice of demanding gifts exist..

Thus began a practice, selfish!
By lady lark, a pursuit bleak, dark
Tricks to subdue her man a slave
And gain supreme control on him.

To control her man is new gimmick
Ugly or cute, they try that trick!
Few moms train daughter's special tricks
To enslave husband by charm or scheme!

Now these larks drain partner's purse,
For new attires or cosmetics
To lure him or may be someone,
To fulfill her demands or dreams!

They sustain a flourishing industry
So well buttered by wealth gleam,
Beauty parades are high tide scheme
Lavished by beauty aids conglomerates!

Truth and wisdom fled from this world,
What God had planned, defied by man!
For Satan re molded mankind to hide
Her visage with mud and fungi, to decay!

by Josey Alfred

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