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Falling Apart Town
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Falling Apart Town

In a rut

Resigned to the lives our parents lived.

Always worried about money,
Never quite sure when the next paycheck is coming in.
Or whether it will ever be enough.

The chance is gone, with this past year.
Didn’t realize till it was too late.
The last chance is dead.

Stuck in this falling apart town,
Not enough houses, schools, or jobs to go around.

No way out, not now

Working in construction, or for the school district.
Private company or Intel if you’re lucky.
Supermarket Manager, Factory Supervisor.

Get married have kids.
Pray they don’t make the same mistake you did.

The cycle repeats yet again,
This endless circle of not quite hopeless poverty.

Middle or lower middle class, when times are good.
Economy plunges yet again,
Worry and unemployment checks rear their ugly heads.

Lowered into your grave in despair
knowing that nothing has changed

Nothing ever will

Your children and grandchildren suffer just the way you did.
in this endless circle of not quite hopeless poverty.

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