Falling Asleep With My Big Sister - Tanka

5 half-moons rising
on the hand that strokes my hair
bracelets like music
whispering softly in my ear
“Shhhshhh...therethere...shush... shush. . .there! ”

by Dónall Dempsey

Comments (2)

This is just beautifully depicted and oh its power to evoke in just a single stroke both love and brush strokes. And - the detail of the five moons for that superb close up of her hand. Just so beauiful. I adore it. It's like a tuning fork and its resonannce is now here now there forever vibrating in the memory of the mind. I know how much your sister meant to you and this is such a beautifull beautifull tribute! Gina XXX
This is just so dreamily gorgeous. I had a big sister too and I so much wanted to be her. We would spend hours coming each other's hair...it's such a sensuous sensation. Love the play with the rythmn of the last line mimicking both brush stroke and the soothing comforting. Almost cinematic in its observation! I love the half moons rising on her fingernails...how close up is that! And what an eye for detail...just beautiful...and oh the music of the bracelets! Mmmm and MMMMMM! Made me tingle all over! You got a(if you don't mind me saying it but hey I'll say it anyway) female mind...no not mind...a female spirit! Hee hee...how about that for praise! Did you have a lot of sisters because so much of your poetry has that female vibe...you seem to vibrate at the same frequency as us girls and it really resonates with us! I know where you are coming from...so to speak. I hearby make you an honorary female... hip hip...horray! Keeping speaking in the loving tongue. love Dee Dee