DU (11-18-1987 / Justice, IL)

Falling Away

You feel your at the peak
Feeling like you have to be
On the verge of falling....

Feeling like your falling
Falling farther that ever before
My body giving way (chorus)
Feels like your falling
Falling Away

Your having fun
Feels like nothing can go wrong
Feeling like you have the will
to live on

Thats until it hits you
Your life has changed
New things in life
Making things strange

Then you start on your downfall
Life has changed
Everything in your mind doesn't seem clear
Just filled with fear (chorus)

Worked so hard to get this far
Giving it everythig you got
Nothing came easy
Nothing came cheap
No one help me
To get to where I am
But now everything so hard
My things thrown onto the yard
Making my mind seem unclear
Once again filled with fear (chorus) (1st verse) (chorus)

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