BH (07-30-81 / Buffalo, New York)

Falling Back To Earth

A glimpse of sunlight - piercing the darkness
was all we were, but not anymore.
Blame could be cast on one thing or another,
but the blame is where it belongs - on me.
I flew too high and now must fall,
streaking like a comet through the night sky.
My wings melted as I closed in on your sun;
I tempted fate and took a chance - foolish mortal.
Lesson learned and filed under heartache -
words mesmerized me and kept me entranced - until now.
We will keep up our game and play it out to the end,
but detachment is key - even as pleasure wracks our bodies.
The Tin Man without a heart, standing cold and hollow,
follows the girl with dreams and desires - and her little dog too.
I bust out the broom and sweep up the shards,
putting them together with careful precision.
Keeping what I know clear in mind from here on out,
I wont be as careless again.

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