Falling, Faster, Trapped

 When I first set eyes on you that day,
I felt my heart beating fast,
My palms getting sweaty,
The feeling would not surpass.

I was falling for you,
For the second time,
Should I let it go,
Is it really such a crime?

So I started talking,
Trying to find the you inside,
My liking for you was growing,
It was getting harder to hide.

We shared a few drinks,
Went to a movie or two,
But when I really started falling,
The things you began to do.

Turning your head away in the hall,
when I wanted to do was say hi,
Talking to other girls,
I just wanted to curl up and die.

Did you feel the same as me,
Or was I trapped in my created lie,
Then it was clear to me,
But I still wondered why.

Am I not good enough,
What would you like to see,
I will change myself,
If you will only pick me.

You told me you loved me,
All I had to do was ask,
But then you would say no,
For just a simple task.

Walking me home,
A phone call or two,
To you they were so hard,
Yet for most a simple thing to do.

We began to drift apart,
Your insults and lies,
Were not clear to everyone,
But I saw them in your eyes.

I was over you,
Away, free at last,
I was never going back,
That was all in the past.

Then I go and visit you,
And it hit me once more,
My heart was beating faster,
Even faster then before.

How could this be happening,
Falling for such as you,
Now I am trapped again,
Not knowing what to do...

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