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Falling For The Man Of God
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Falling For The Man Of God

Poem By Cez S.G.

It was pretty innocent
Saying hi/hello and how are you at first
Exhanging pleasantries and jokes
Nothing serious, nothing momentous.

One day the humor stopped
Exchanges turned into intense chats
Before I knew it, I was falling and feeling it
I couldn't stop thinking about the havoc it creates.

The day we planned to meet
I couldn't explain the turmoil down my pit
It was crazy, but I was dying to risk
Just to give a picture to the guy I am falling with.

I could hardly breathe
My knees were shaking, my whole being was melting
His hands were firm, his eyes were piercing
I felt frozen despite the intense heat.

But, lo and behold
I had to stop in my tracks
The man I was slowly falling with
Cannot possibly reciprocate my sentiment.

His white robe spoke a lot
I took his hand and kissed it with respect
Even wondered if he felt my concealed secret
I wanted to scream, just to release my suffering!

I am falling for the man of God...

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Excellent poem. Praise be..... Rx