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Falling Gracefully
NJB (14/12/1989 / Glasgow, Scotland)

Falling Gracefully

The sky is collapsing ahead of me
As we march toward our doom.
These will be the last steps I ever take
As darkness falls amongst us.
Twelve thousand, we face, all of whom are armed.
Spears, axes, arrows.
Not even the ugliest of masks,
Could hide the treachery attached as a face
On the creatures slouching in front of us.

The wall which divides us, from them,
Has stood strong and tall,
Since the beginning of time
And it will remain, until the end of time.
They are not human, those who stand on the opposite side,
They never have been
And they never will be.

Cast out from the darkest part,
Of the deepest cave,
In the coldest part of the world,
They are slaves
Led to believe that the entire world is against them.
They fight to keep their existence,
They live to die.
Born with helplessness and desperation
They die with no regrets.

Hatred is what they live on,
Food, comfort, love, is nothing to them.
Just knowing how many innocent lives
They have destroyed,
Satisfies their hunger.

It is now time for us.
The end is nearing,
As the moon is pulled away.
Dark clouds crawl up overhead,
Casting spells on the forests to the left of us.

Night mumbles dangerous words
As we ride into starlight.
Fallen angels guide us,
Towards the valley of death.
Soon they dance into dust,
Leaving us to wander endlessly
To the edge of the earth.
Lost souls carry us through the storm
And back again.
Praying for us,
Pleading for us to join them,
In their search for hope,
For love,
For life.

©2006 Natalie J. Boyle

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Comments (4)

Natalie, good poem with some great lines, especially the first two and' Soon they dance into dust, ” You show great promise and should continue to sharpen and hone your talent. I fully agree with James and Mary; I too look forward to reading more.
Beautiful images. If this is a first poem it's a brilliant one - I look forward to the next.
Beautiful images. If this is a first poem it's a brilliant one - I look forward to the next.
Wow, this is such an ominous poem Natalie. The vivid descriptions are just so clear. Very powerful poem. Nicely done. I look forward to reading more of your work. Sincerely, Mary