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Falling In Love
VKN Vimal Kumar N (september 24 1985 / Chennai)

Falling In Love

Love could happen any moment,

cos somewhere an angel is waiting for you,

be it a rainy day or a breezy eve,

she is gonna sweep your feet off the ground,

And from then you will wish to fall every moment.

i have fallen way long back,

but just as a twig that withered off in autumn,

i'll be long gone when spring comes her way.

Wit just a wish so i could get crushed under my angel's feet...

I would plant my heart in a bosom b4 i leave.

Wit a sure hope that it is a white rose..

Cos she loves those pretty white roses.

and so i wish the rose crowns my princess.

And i'll fall again but just as a rose.. A speechless white rose.

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