Falling In Love Scares Me

Am rolling on my bed,
Turning and twisting in between the blanket
Praying sleep come take me for a ride,
For my heart has clouded my mind.

Am sweating profusely,
Though this room that cage me be cold as ice
Has evil befallen me?
What feeling is this I feel?

Cold feet I get from her stare
Is she a witch and I bewitched?
Street crowded with souls of different kind, yet just the two of us I see.
what magic is this?

Am not ready for a trip to heaven
But standing there, and she beside me
It seemed have been to heaven and back
What feeling has taken me?

Am I falling in love with a eyes that do not know me yet?
For if I were an astrologer, a million stars I would name in them
Time flies gazing at those eyes,
I wonder what she lined her lids with.

Falling in love scares me
Am a sucker at it
Heart, soul and body I give completely
And myself I forget in the process.

Falling in love scares the ghost out of me,
Please take this feelings from me,
But if I do fall in love with you
Leave a map so I find myself in the aftermath.

(C) 2016
A Godofpoetry Concept

by Kelly Iyogun

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falling in love, great feeling..