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Falling In Love With A Friend On A Cloudy Night

Falling In Love With A Friend On A Cloudy Night

When that night whispered in my ears
I ignored it as devils usual call to copulate.
My words and yours mingled like
moonlight and breeze in a deserted street.
Our words in rhyming and we in gaming.
I felt butterflies in my stomach fluttering
Must be some left out still undigested,
Along with flowers, I once swallowed.

What we spoke fell upon my dried grass soul like dew
to make usually threatening night blossom anew
Words that I had decided not to be spoken, showered
in unknown terrains of my heart like hailstones in my nightmares
But you wrapped them up like a bouquet,
decorated them with affection and utmost care.
Scared, I tried to chase you off with my vows
But like driftwood you came back to me in my thought waves

Night was growing deep and dark
And crude hands of your soft bed pulling you back
I let my anxieties and fear cloud up sleeping sun
So as to wish him a sound sleep till noon
Even that mateless stray dog had stopped his bark
but we spoke and spoke and spoke
Now I clearly heard the nights yell
'Oh son, you are ringing your own death bell'

Harder and harder, I tried to keep you at bay
Your pranks and whimpers kept me gay.
I fought, lost, exited, and came back to you within seconds, not long
As I couldn't untwine mine from loneliness in your hearts song
You spoke of him, her and your love lost
My future watched over us from those little stars aghast.
Involuntarily I was losing myself to orphic time
getting myself downsized to a puppet in its game

My tired nerve trees woken up by scattering of white birds,
Radiating hope across my darkened sky, your words.
Those eyes, lips and flowing hair unseen
I was feeling them warm and close as my own
Am I in that merciless love again?
What else can tear my steel heart and cause such pain
In you, blossoms my long lost dreams -
She is your friend, she is your friend, but my dying heart screams.

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'Even that mateless stray dog had stopped his bark' I love it! Simply beautiful!
You are an amazing poet and this poem is absolutley gorgeous.
*CRY* so.... beautiful....so DEEP! ! ! ! ! ! amazing....