Falling Long Since I Have

Wings which were broken
are now nearly healed
yet we must define this
fight If it is
I am to survive

For all have seen me fall
they so percieved by me
let me fall hard landing
gain say me not

As I fall one or two am I
able to grasp
break there fall
at great cost
to my self
yet said fall was

I cannot help but sream
does that make me
a coward I am not

All that do make it not
let me weep the tears
as I so chose

Die I will not unless
by hand of another
unprovoked not
by me no gain in
such measure

With only slightly mended wing
bent feather no air can
I so grasp to cussion
the fall afore mentioned of

So I ask to you whom read
this poem only the brave
can show the way home
to people like me such as

by Scarlet .....

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