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Falling Off Masks: By Majed Dodeen

"If you reveal your secrets to the wind,
you should not blame the wind for
revealing them to the trees."
Kahlil Gibran
They ask & wonder,
Seek an answer,
Why am I sad? They ponder,
What a strange issue! !
I consider.
Has practicing sadness become a forbidden practice?
Isn't sadness an honest human feeling?
Sometimes, they insist to get an answer.
I say: 'The answer is a secret
Secrets shouldn't be spilled
Secrets are sacred
Shouldn't be revealed
If you want to know why
Ask the mirage in the desert
Only illusion is capable of telling you
In a sunny month of the year
The light of the sun shines in the sky
Emits golden rays to the ground
In a day of that month,
While I was heading to my city
I saw something sparkling & glittering
Obligatorily, rays seep into my eyes
Intuitively, I headed towards this glowing
Believing that it is coming
From a gem, diamond or a pearl
Wandered from its family
As they don't realize her precious value,
So it decided to travel to my world
In order to find her,
Free her from being stray
The tragedy was when I started getting closer
More and more
I was stunned
I got shocked
I found out that what I thought to be a pearl
A diamond
A gem
was only a piece of fake decorated glass
Struck by the rays of the sun
Reflecting overwhelming brightness
Glowing entered to my depths
Before entering my eyes
O my innocent heart!
O my benevolent mind!
Don't be betrayed by false glittering
'Not everything that glitters is gold! '
O my soul!
O my spirit!
Embrace my pouring tears of grief, regret & sorrow
Why haven't you unfolded the deceitful masks
Why haven't you seen facts of things
Although the journey had lasted for months,
Followed by months? !
You'll know my worth and significance
You'll recognize but after gray hair fully develops,
you'll know after the white wisp
Swings on your forehead
You will realize but too late
I've been a wonder in your world
I've been the sea if you were to remember
And you were the wave
But the sea that embraced the wave
With warmth and love
Had to let her depart as a stranger
As she refused but to crash and scatter
on the rocky shores
In stray, loss and sigh
Moan, lament and cry
To yourself,
The confession will be;
to the red roses,
the perfumes,
the beaches,
the branches,
the cute babies,
the suns,
the moons,
the murmurs,
the stars
the nights
the days
the memories
to the rain drops
to its silence and voice
You will confess but it will be too late:
Who am I & who you are
who I was & who you were

by Majed Dodeen

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