Falling Out Of Love

Poem By jovan lopez

It's sad when someone breaks your heart
You feel like dying inside
You can't breathe without
Like a fish without water
But we just have to stay strong
For those who are broken inside

To find someone new and the world
To see to come back
We all move on and some point
Or another
We just have to be patient and wait
For them to come to you
Cuz you can't wait for so long
To feel your pain away
It hurts but it's the truth
One Broken Heart
That's not enough
To make your love truly love you
As you wish
Love is like a rose blooming
Inside your chest
You just don't want to let go
Like something special you want to lock it in your chest
And let it stay forever
When you feel butterflies in your stomach
I understand how it feels
When you're in love
You just want to open your arms
To say I love you once more
But then in the end
It doesn't turn out how you wanted it to

Comments about Falling Out Of Love

This is definitely very sad if someone breaks heart. Love makes life very crazy. This poem is very amazing and brilliantly penned...10

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