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Falling Through Life
MP (09/03/92 / Lawrenceville, GA)

Falling Through Life

Poem By Mandy Parker

Falling through life
Facing our fears
We laugh, we cry
The blur of the years.

Adrenaline rush
Smile of the skies
Visions of lush
Deceiving lies.

Suppressing a scream
A mother takes hold
The burst of the seam
Hearts turn cold.

Deafening silence
The world salutes
The result of the violence-
This he did not choose.

A laugh in the distance
Can bring us back
From grieving our losses
From what we now lack.

A tight, loving hug
From a friend whom she loves
Soothes the pain of
All his pushes and shoves.

The perfect family
'Round the table each night
Stories, jokes, memories
Their eyes reflect light.

Spending days in the parks
From mid-day to dusk
Playing minnows and sharks
Until go home they must.

Falling through life
We see how they live
In despair to heads high
With some, none to give.

You and I are exactly the same
You and I are nothing alike
Secrets, anger, guilt, a name
The will and the power to fight.

Pleasure and pride
Factors in life
Necessary to hide
Imperfections and strife.

Falling through life
We seek and we find
All live different lives
In their own states of mind.

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Comments (3)

yes Mandy welcome to PH this is your first poem, and very well done, really liked it, you do have talent, hope to see many more poems from your hand.
Welcome to PH Mandy really liked your poem and grand introduction I might add! !
Mandy I really really like this poem, it makes so much sense.