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Falling To Pieces
YF ( / New Rochelle)

Falling To Pieces

Poem By Yaritza Florencio

Nothing goes right and nothings okay
Everyone said it’s alright but thats easy to say
That all I had to do was change
Then, I would grow out of it with age
He told me that he would heel the wounds but I’m still bleeding
He said “ill stop you from running around” but I’m still speeding
Mom said “You have all your life to do what you want to do”
I’m still so angry that I inform her that she doesn’t have a clue
Lately, I can’t tell if I’m angry or if I’m sad
Because I act the same if I’m depressed or just mad
It’s been getting harder to bring me back when my mind runs away
I’ve been getting detached from everyone who doesn’t tell me to stay
My hearts been falling every time someone hints that their leaving
It’s been feeling like I’m not alive but still I’m breathing
My family stresses that all bad things happen for a reason, it’s not true...
What do I do if the best part of me, just happened to be you
And now I’m busy all the time and I don’t see them
I got all the time and they got all the freedom
Then I started playing video games to keep myself distracted for awhile
But lately none of that makes me smile
Nothing goes right and nothings okay
Everyone says its alright but that’s easy to say
And every now and then, it feels like I could easily drown
Up until, I pick my pen and and I write it all down

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