Selfless Love

You don't know how deep I carried within
When I came with flowers and lighted lamp
And offered to you in silent prayers;
But you knew, in grief I was falling apart
And no way you add fuel to that flame;
After all we share same joy and grief,
After all we bear same life and soul;
You know, role play is woman's might,
Selflessness, her strength, original self;
Like lightning you feigned blinding fury
And bore like thunder and broke like rain,
Flooding my soul and drowning spirit
In threats and insults unkind to the core;
Shatter'd by the shock and confounded in heart,
I begged like child to pardon my faults,
Knowing not what hurt you so much;
Finding a spot to relieve me from pain,
Flaring like the Sun, you in total control,
Raised decibel to rattle my peise;
You called, I follow you wherever you go,
And go for all details there about you;
It was a third force while intervened, you stopped,
And I tacitly vanished from the spot.

No fury you feigned, no threats you posed,
No insults you heaped unkindly on me
No way detract me from deep faith in you,
No way change tack deeply carved in soul,
For, I know, who and what you really are,
What is your call, why this desperate act;
You figured to snap the bond that held us tight
To save my grace and save me from fall
From the fall you fear you are destined to
And save me from grief for your foul fate;
But I vouch, I love to accompany you,
It be heaven or hell, we sail together;
But, alas, you refuse to harm my cause.

The fury you feigned and threats you posed,
The insults you heaped unkindly on me
Though no way detract my deep faith in you,
Does stop me on track from reaching you
And a blinding wall is rising up;
A desperate message I passed across,
‘Not angry, I understand, whatever you are,
The Almighty looks ordinary before you';
And that is the last that gone between us;
An insoluble darkness divides us now,
Though bound we are, and yearn for each.

by Praveen Kumar in Celestial Glow

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this may be the worst poem i have ever written in my life. let me know what you think about it. ~Ja/\/\e$