Falling Waters..

falling waters rushing to and fro
boundless love, nature's gift from above
how wide, how wonderful, i stand in awe
Oh Lord, you are so good and true

its sound gives me peace and serenity
my heart leaps with joy, i couldn't ask for more
my soul is thirsty, you give me plenty
this falling waters rushing to and fro

there is so much that i can give to you
but you give me more than what i expect
this falling waters rushing to and fro
is more than enough of the love you give

i will be singing the songs of nature
of falling waters that runs to and fro
in my heart, in my dreams
saying..THANK YOU LORD..for this wonderful gift..

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Comments (9)

every aspect of nature seems a gift...nature truely is the best companion
You hear what the babbling brook says and its surely peace nicely expressed in this flowing poem++++++10 regards uavanice1
Beautiful poem, Meggie. It flows like falling waters........10/10. Best Wishes Naseer
this piece is very nice..peace is all we need..in peace there is love..GOD is good...his presence is everywhere..naizz
A beautiful poem with its subsatnace of water flowing...........
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