Our Visit To Purdue Uiversity,2018

We have come to Indiana, the West Lafayette City
To visit the world famous Purdue University
It is memorial with the brave astronaut and his vision
Who became the first successful man in his great mission
He walked on the Moon's surface in the year 1969
In world's history, it's a wonderful event, very fine

He was Neil Alden Armstrong, an aeronautical engineer
From Aeronautical Engineering having his B.S. Degree from here
We are extremely glad to visit this world famous Institution
Where students from all over the world can avail education
In the premise of the University this great man's statue, we find
Who said "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind"

Our Daughter-in-law, Dr. Pikee Priya, an Ex-Graduate from here
Took us to Neil Armstrong Hall to a precious sample preserved there
Kept in a glass case brought from the Moon' surface on the earth
And we see the thing, a close look in a dream, our visit is full of worth
We're blessed by God, in the USA abroad, very pleased and happy
That our beloved Pikee Priya got from here the Doctor of Philosophy


by umaprosad das

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