False Ending?

If we lead a virtuous life,
the angels will come down
and they take us to a heavenly place.
If we live with mal intentions,
a gruesome evil will reach for us
and drag our souls into the abyss.

But can we really believe all of this?
Is there really an existence after death?
Is Heaven merely a fabrication?
Is religion simply around to control the masses?

It’s all uncertain
Nothing is fully believable.
Nothing is fully probable.
Nothing is seemingly possible.
It all seems like a false ending…

The only thing that truly matters:
I am alive now.
I am still living.

by Alex Gomez

Comments (7)

Wow. You are talented. I love it. Thanks for your comment :) I enjoy reading your writing as well.
thats a really good poem...
wow..what a very positive outlook in life.. as there is hope., , there's life..
There isn't any heaven or hell the way we are led to believe, Alex...both exsit in this earth itself...but after death every being has a rebirth...no salvation or 'mukthi' as religions preach...but if you live today good in your heart you can aspire for a better life next time...woul get a better conveyance for the next journey...you mind it or not... good insightful poem...soul searching, sound...10
Great poem Alex, highly enjoyed reading it.
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