False Friend

Poem By Karina Lakeyeva

I. You know I used to exist with the scene:
Two girls planting trees in a wonderful clime.
But cruel words crushed all the dreams that I’d seen
You said you were not my friend. Stopping the time

II. And scathing my confidence you did exhale
And leave me alone, didn’t care a dime
Rejecting without regret our tale
Of mutual past. Tell me – what for, why? I’m
Chorus: Sleeping and weeping,
Dreaming and screaming,
Lying and dying –
Because of you…

III. You know I’m ready to give you the Sun,
The life – all of me, give you everything prime.
I thought – so are you. But you ain’t. Tears run
From eyes of mine. You went away from me. I’m


Comments about False Friend

Sad this happened to you and I hope it can be repaired. I for one, have time and time again placed my trust in the hands of people who turned out to not be friends at all. Still happens..so, now away this weekend, have decided to close doors to the people who make believe and tear your heart and self esteem out. It just isn't worth it. Life isn't easy.I guess we're our own 'best friend.' and, that's a good thing. Friends in real life let you down, people behind 'cyber screens' aren't even what or who they seem. Trust becomes impossible.especially on internet sites, even PH. This must be beyond a great write for it has made me really think. I thank you for the poem and for showing me what I already knew, but, didn't want to believe....Be happy now and keep writing. You're good. mm.

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