DC ( / Lancaster, Texas)

False Religions

Presenting yourself in a a charming light
Disguised as a lady of high virtue,
You spoke of ideals, so lofty and grand,
A doctrine of abstracts, daring and new. "Enhance your ego to enrich your life,
Find contentment in your gullible self,
Turn toward the east, then west, face north and south,
The center of all will become yourself. Utopia is now within your reach
By denouncing all those things you once knew,
Give unto me what is rightfully His,
Trust me to open the heavens for you." But somehow I knew her words were all wrong,
By offering ways that lead to nowhere
The introvert groups are centered on self
Wrapped in cocoons spun from the harlot's hair. Departing from Truth to embrace a farce
In a dream-world that can never be real,
Closes the Door and turns off the Light
On the souls low ladies will steal.

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