(2nd July,1986 / Bahraich, India)

False Vanity

Peace's vanished, humanity is about to expire,
Coming down patience and raising only desire,
Unrest has grown in this capitalist empire,
And our rights are burning in tyrannical fire.

Firstly Christians clashed Jews, picked up then,
Got them settled in Palestine by the dint of powers,
Gave her all rights that for others're forbidden,
On the corpses of martyrs they are raising towers.

None is speaking against this unfair possession,
Talking to give her now half part,
Uprooting them by and by is their mission,
And making countries fight is their art.

Demolishing two high buildings America got chance,
Ruined Afghan, Iraq now her eyes're on Iran,
On Nue-clear issue she's happy and does dance,
Waiting for a fine opportunity dominating on Tehran.

Though no fatal weapons in Iraq she found,
No country raised a query nor made made sound,
UNO, NATO, none was near to help her around,
America threw all international laws on the ground.

Why having Nue-clear to Iran burns her hair?
Israel bears the same, for her it is fair?
Palestinians are called terrorists, but they don't despair,
On their compulsion now she gives herself air.

How long will they go with their pride?
The world's witness, Time has never forgiven one,
In the mist of power those who ride,
They'll come to grief getting in the sun.

O that! There would be a powerful nation,
Which would maintain love, peaceand dignity,
Never leave the rope of just and limitation,
But break the magic of their false vanity.

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