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A Matter Of Time
WC (1611-1643 / England)

A Matter Of Time

Why is it, O Lord, hard as I try
There are times my soul is very dry?
Many are the times numbness sets in
And I wonder is it that I am in sin?

Then I remember satan and his wiles
Robbing me of Son-Light and smiles.
He wants to make me feel deserted;
His evil efforts are sadly and crudely concerted.

Patience is the virtue we need to attain
Perseverance, too, will be our gain
It is imperative to keep trying
To not give up mournfully crying.

Through prayer and God's Grace
We will assuredly win the race.
We must continue the daily climb
'Til we reach heav'ns heights sublime
It's a matter... of... eternal time.

© Mel Patterson,10-14-09

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Superbly disillusioned.