DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

Falsified Truths/ Damage To Repair

The roar of raindrops fills my mind
Moonlit desecration stretches beyond my sight
As storm after storm boils inside

Raindrops make waterfalls, who’s waters carry on
My sense over rocky edges
To an eternal fall of oblivion

As gusts of wind blow my emotions
From here to there falling so
Heavily to the forest’s floor of everywhere

Raindrops fail as quick as they fell
Replaced by a burning gate, doorway to hell
My open eyes witness our fiery world

Society stokes the fires of my hell
Paranoid carbon fumes fill my heart
Far beyond the reach of open arms

Poisoned aromas fill and swell
My tired mind
My desperate cell

So dark and dank, hallucinate,
I see my rank, but bombardier Richards
Is loosing weight

A heart of pain a mind blood stained
Freedom fought for,
But not obtained

A restricted life which I’m against
I can’t believe in it so I can’t remain

A fortune unfavoured, lifetime
Of shadow, forever searching
Hoping to find a new tomorrow

A search unfounded in a world
Of retraction,
Without a leading role within a faction

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