If I ever start to falter
From what life has to offer
With my head caught in a halter
Leading me down from the altar
With all kind of thoughts in mind
That will help to make me blind
Saying here's a feast to dine
And a scrumptious glass of wine
Coming from the best of vine
Telling me that all this is mine
Now look at this land of treasure
Full of beauty and all sorts of pleasure
And bountiful to any measure
If I choose to keep a ledger
There's exotic aroma of flowers
That have blossomed and bloomed for this hour
Their aroma has such a great power
That will keep away anything sour
Soft to the touch are their petals
Found in a beautiful meadow
There are beautiful melodious sounds
Filling the air all around and abound
So come let me take you on down
The illusion upon this great ground
The choice in this matter is yours
Only you can open the doors
The one that will help you to soar
Or the one with the door with no floor

by Kevin L. Parks

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