Nothing's to be gained by sinking back into a leather chair
Or pawing through the catalogs of chemicals the FDC
Has said have proven to be slightly better than a lump
Of sugar at eliminating clouds of darkness from us,
Those who cross the landscape, zombies, bearing
Lightless souls.Such hubris puffs up PhDs and MDs!
All their training tells them there are cures for everything.
"Sit down and tell us why you're sad.We'll find the moment
When you stumbled.Then, together, we'll surmount
The thing which made you fall, and, if we cannot spot
That instant, we will find a substance which will alter
Your brain's chemistry, so you will think that you are
Happy, even if you're not."They're incorrect.
Some ailments can't be fixed, and some folks will be
Zombies every moment of their lives, and some chairs
Aren't worth occupying.Some pills don't do anything,
And sometimes clouds of darkness can't be made
To go away.

by Lawrence Beck

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Not sure what your point is unless it's just that the answer lies within. If that's it, well ok. It's kind of duh. I also think your vocabulary seems grade school-ish. Not that you should go overboard using big words. But I think you can do better. Sorry.