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Faltered Footsteps On The Floor
DK (1951 / UK)

Faltered Footsteps On The Floor

Silently he turned the key
Wondering how life would be
He slowly opened up that door
Faltered footsteps on the floor
He made a pact unknowingly
That never would his history
Make him a hostage to his past
The door now open and at last
He saw a mirror on the wall
But could not see himself at all
The light the light was growing dim
He wondered 'was i ever him?
The him that i once was before?
The him now shut out by that door? '
He paused for just one moment then
He - time and time and time again -
Asked of himself a simple thing
That stirred up his imaginings
If he could not yet be himself
Why did he always seek out help
To guide him on his wanderings
When the true map lay within him.

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Not sure what your point is unless it's just that the answer lies within. If that's it, well ok. It's kind of duh. I also think your vocabulary seems grade school-ish. Not that you should go overboard using big words. But I think you can do better. Sorry.