Poem By J.B. LeBuert

Is fame now the name of the game?
Are our parents the ones to blame?
Is that what we really desire?
Is that what sets our bellies on fire?

Should we set aside all our other goals?
Are the most important things Super Bowls?
Is the most important goal to be famous?
Is money the only thing that will tame us?

Are our children on the right path?
Should we discard science and math?
Should we abandon giving for greed?
Is it better to eat than to feed?

Is the search for wealth the best thing?
Is it better to take than to bring?
Is the love of money a virtue?
Will the rush for fame hurt you?

Should we stop learning now?
Should we stop asking how?
Is television the answer?
Could it be worse than Cancer?

Have we all forgotten how to see?
Are we blind to everything but ME?
Should we serve ourselves first?
Is this generation cursed?

Maybe we should temper fame with learning?
Maybe we should forego begging for earning?
I think maybe fame could be a curse?
I think the love of money may even be worse?

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