MS (25-11-1960 / Pakistan)

Fame Craze

Fame craze, a poisonous drug,
A sickness, curse and plague,
Mother of arrogance and pride,
Dissolves both body and soul.

Yet the seekers,
Wish to be slave of it,
Seek means unscrupulous.
Pursue honour beguilingly,
Ravaging the moral codes,
For places of eminence,
To use authority over others.

Intoxicated with vain esteem,
Among the flattering adorers,
Cherish in mind the carnal desires,
Willful, strangers to themselves,
Remain unaware to grave follies,
That false means lead to ends ignoble.

Then the incensed fortune,
Takes a turn with sharp quake;
Tumble down the towering heights,
Of flagrant fame to the ground.
Names erasing from the Book of God.

by Muhammad Shanazar

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