The Cosmos Might Not Need God, But I Do

The Cosmos might not need G-d
But I do-
I need God so much
I need God to care for those I love
I need God to feel
There is Meaning and Beauty
That will not end,
And that this little adventure here
Is not simply and completely
Vanity of vanity of vanities-
I need God
And I hope and pray
God will feel
My need real.

by Shalom Freedman

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.....most fabulous and the metaphor is most excellent -★
Fame is a bee and a bee is Emily Dickinson. If you read more of her poetry you will see how her imagery is like looking through a magnifying glass where her garden becomes as much a universe as it might be to a bee. Ms. Dickinson liked to write about these little alchemists and her poetry opens our eyes to a different light and vibration we might not have otherwise perceived like a compound eye's ability to perceive the ultraviolet. Ms. Dickinson was famous for her beautiful garden and the name Emily means industrious. I believe a bee would be the gold standard for that. For an astonishingly beautiful poem, I would recommend La Canta de Miel by Francisco Garcia Lorca.